Jetpack Compose Tutorial

Jetpack Compose Tutorial

Jetpack Compose Row Column and Box Layouts

Arrangement and Alignment in Jetpack Compose

Basics of Modifier

Padding, Margin, and Spacer

Understanding State in Jetpack Compose

What is State Hoisting

Animatable in Jetpack Compose

animate*AsState() API


Animate Visibility

Animate Content Changes

updateTransition() API

How to Create Lines?

Jetpack Compose Gradient Backgrounds

Circular Progress Indicator



How to Customize Status Bar and Navigation Bar?

Request Permissions in Jetpack Compose

Button API

Radio Buttons

TextField API

BasicTextField API

Text API

Card API

Icon APIs

IconButton API

OutlinedButton API

Using Images

Switch Button


Slider and RangeSlider APIs

Dropdown Menu APIs


Bottom Navigation and Bottom App Bar

Floating Action Button

Bottom Sheet

Scaffold Layout

Checkbox APIs

Basics of Canvas

Canvas drawArc

Canvas drawCircle

Canvas drawRoundRect

Canvas drawRect

Canvas drawOval


3 Ways to Disable Ripple Effect

Theme Package