Jetpack Compose UI Designs with Source Code

Jetpack Compose UI Designs

Card Animations:

Expandable Card Animation 1

Expandable Card Animation 2 with Icon

Jetpack Compose Buttons:

Buttons with Different Corner Sizes

Music Button

Buttons with Gradient Background

Gradient Border Button

Button onClick Animation

Simple buttons

Loading Animations:

Loading Animation 1 (Circle with Border)

Loading Animation 2 (3 Circles Ripple Effect)

Loading Animation 3

Circle Loading Animation with Gradient Effect


Messages List

Custom Chart:

Doughnut chart

Circular chart

Pie chart 1

User Profile UI:

E-commerce user profile UI

Custom Progress Bar:

Arc-shaped Progress Bar

Custom progressbar (linear)

Circular Progress Bar 1

Circular Progress Bar 2

Circular Progress Bar 3

Custom Switch:

Custom switch 1

Custom switch 2

Custom Switch with Icon

Custom Dialog:

Delete Item Dialog

Delete Item Dialog 2

Loading Dialog

2FA Dialog

Full Screen Dialog

Navigation Drawer:

Navigation Drawer 1 (Gradient Background)

Radio Buttons:

Custom Radio Buttons (Dogs)


Dating App Match Screen UI

TopAppBar Menu with Icons

Simple Text Animations