5 Awesome Jetpack Compose Loading Animations

Jetpack Compose Loading Animations

Jetpack Compose provides powerful animation APIs. I made some loading animations using them.

1. Loading Dialog:

Loading Dialog

This is a loading dialog box. You can display it while executing a background task. Its state is handled by the ViewModel.

Source Code: Loading Dialog

2. Circle Animation:

Circle Animation

It is a circle made with the Box. Its scale value is animated using infinite transition API.

Source Code: Circle Animation

3. Gradient Circle:

Gradient Circle

It is a rotating gradient circle. It is similar to the loading spinner on Instagram.

Source Code: Gradient Circle

4. Dots Animation:

Dots Animation

There are 3 dots. Their alpha values get animated one after the other.

Source Code: Dots Animation

5. Ripple Animation:

Ripple Animation

This is an infinite ripple animation. There are 3 circles whose scale values are increased from 0f to 1f.

Source Code: Ripple Animation

Bonus: Lottie Animations


We can add awesome Lottie animations in Jetpack Compose. Follow this article for more information.

These are the loading animations I made with Jetpack Compose. I hope you like them. If you have any doubts, comment below.

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