5 Awesome Jetpack Compose Custom Dialog Designs

Jetpack Compose Custom Dialog

These are the custom dialog designs made with Android Jetpack Compose. They are made with different APIs like Dialog, Box, Surface, etc. The source code is available for free.

1. Loading Dialog:

Loading Dialog

This is a loading dialog box. It contains a CircularProgressIndicator with gradient background. The animation is implemented with infinite transition API.

Source Code: Loading Dialog

2. Delete Item Dialog 1:

Delete Item Dialog 1

It is a delete confirmation pop-up box.

Source Code: Delete Dialog 1

3. Delete Item Dialog 2:

Delete Dialog 2

It looks beautiful. It is the same as the above one but the icon is placed at the top center of the box and the buttons are changed a little bit.

Source Code: Delete Dialog 2

4. 2-FA Pop-up Dialog:

2-FA Pop-up Dialog

It is a 2 FA dialog box. It has two buttons. The positive button is for setting up the 2 step verification and the negative one is to dismiss the dialog.

Source Code: 2-FA Pop-up Dialog

5. Full-Screen Dialog:

Full Screen Dialog

This is a full-screen dialog. It shows a congratulations message and a share button.

Source Code: Full-Screen Dialog

Thanks for reading. These are the custom dialog designs I made with Jetpack Compose. If you have any doubts or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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