AppLovin Mediation with Facebook Audience Network

applovin mediation facebook

This article is a part of the AppLovin ads integration guide. To show Meta ads (formerly known as Facebook Audience Network) via AppLovin mediation, go to Meta’s monetization manager. Click on the “Manage property”.

Facebook Audience Network Integration

Click on the ad space. If you have not created an ad unit, click on the “Create Placement” button. After creating the ad unit, click on the “Get Code” button and copy the placement id.

Meta Audience Network

Now, login to the AppLovin dashboard and go to the MAX > Ad units section (on the left panel). Click on the ad unit. Scroll down. In the “Bidder networks” section, open Meta.

AppLovin Facebook Mediation

Turn on the status button and paste the placement id. Scroll down and click on the “Save” button. You have successfully added the Meta ad unit.

To test it, go to the MAX > Test Mode section (on the left panel). Click on your test device and select Meta from the “Test Network” drop-down list. Wait for 10 to 30 minutes and run the app. You will see the test ad from Meta.

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